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Jaguar Coffee



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HARVEST : April to June & September to January
ROAST : Light to Medium
ALTITUDE : 1370– 1800 meters
PROCESS : Fully washed and sun dried
FLAVOR PROFILE : Dark chocolate, toasted hazelnut, prune, with a sweet finish
Lush fields, terraced to allow for optimal growth of bananas, beans and of course coffee, dot the landscape around the San Ignacio area of Peru. The screeches of wildlife echo throughout the valley as local farmers work to grow the most optimal beans possible at this higher elevation.

Filled with rich chocolate flavours, this bean is a light to medium roast. The higher growth elevation also brings out that dark flavour that makes for a special cup in the morning, afternoon, or evening.

Due to the unique growing environment along with an excellent relationship with the small farm cooperative, the phrase “it takes a village” truly describes what makes our Peruvian roast unique.
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