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At Jaguar Coffee, our beans are sourced from South and Central America - A region where its heritage and heart is tasted inside every cup. Coffee has the power to bring people together. At Jaguar we are all family, thanks to the connection that a simple cup of coffee can bring.


From the secret alleys of Morocco to the dense jungles of Honduras. From the colourful cafes of Mexico to the crowded streets of Spain. From the cherry blossom lanes of Japan to the beaches in Costa Rica. Through our travels, we have come to realize that more than wine or food, it is coffee that has the power to bring people together. Morning, noon, or night, that cup of coffee is what connects us.


We are Keyton and Greg - two brothers who come from a long line of family entrepreneurs. This lineage spurred an early curiosity in a variety of work avenues as well as an earnest appreciation for how people around the world make a living.

Growing up in Canada in rural Alberta, there were always two constants in the mornings – pancakes with too much maple syrup and the smell of coffee. Coming from a family of six, there was always plenty of food and plenty of stories. As we grew older, it became tradition to share a special moment with one another over a cup of coffee before we each began our day. Cheers to a vibrant life, the beauty of family and excellent coffee.


Many places around the world boast about their coffee. However, like their many cultures, the beans that are grown in the rich soils of Central and South America have a colourful flavour that can’t be explained – only tasted.

We are here to not only bring you the best coffee beans from Central and South America, but to share the story behind that delicious cup in your hand. Supporting Jaguar Coffee directly supports farmers and their families who are passionate about their craft at small scale farms in Latin America. At Jaguar we are all family, thanks to the connection that a simple cup of coffee can bring.

Slow down. Breathe in this beautiful life.
And enjoy all of its heartwarming flavors, one sip at a time.