At Jaguar Coffee, cups hold more than just coffee. They carry the pride and beauty of Latin American heritage. Our beans are a balanced and clean roast emitting sweet natural flavors born from the Latin American soil. We invite you to slow down. Breathe in this beautiful life. And enjoy all of its heartwarming flavors, one sip at a time.


"Yumm! Smooth, delicious coffee. Will definitely purchase again."

Ryan J.

"Bold and smooth!"

Wendy N.

"The freshest beans and the aroma is incredible!"

Martine F.

"Can't Live without this coffee now. It's delicious!!!!"

Liliana B.

"Great way to start the morning! I thought the coffee was exceptional. Robust & just right amount of jolt I need to get my day started."

Froilan B.

A hug in a cup. The rich flavours warm your soul and delight your tastebuds. An easy to navigate website and your online orders will come quickly.

Marlee T.

I have tried all the four types of beans from their first line and I can say it is hard to determine a favourite because each, have such a unique flavour. I absolutely love there bright vibrant colours this company brings to their logo and their enthusiasm that comes through on their Instagram. You can tell they have really done their research about the beans and the culture they come from. I am excited to try their new Ultimo coffee bean line. You have gained a new loyal customer and I can't wait to see what else you bring to the coffee industry.

Annalise K.