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Jaguar Coffee



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REGION : Boquete
ROAST : Light to Medium
ALTITUDE : 1670 - 1850 meters
PROCESS : Anaerobic Slow Dry (ASD)
FLAVOR PROFILE : Black cherry, black currant, pipe tobacco, chocolate, candied apple, brown sugar finish


Spending time in the magical Boquete region of Panama awakened our spirits, sipping coffee and feasting on the exquisite cuisine of the country. The lush green slopes of Boquete hold a certain allure of mystery. Large tree canopies shade the coffee dotted with various flowering plants and fruit trees. 


Our single-origin Panama Exótico Catuai bean is fermented through a process called Anaerobic Slow Dry (ASD) in which the coffee cherry is picked at peak ripeness, loaded in stainless steel drums alongside crisp mountain water, and is left to ferment for approximately 72 hours. This process brings out the fruit-forward flavours, like wine, that ASD specialty beans are known for. 


Due to the relative narrowness of Panama, the Boquete region is unique due to its combined microclimate influence from both the Caribbean and Pacific Oceans. Panama connects North and South America physically as well as through its unique coffee growing abilities. 

The Lamastus Family Estates is world renowned winning multiple awards for their beans throughout the world. Made up of three distinct estates this bean is from their original estate, Elida, dating back to 1918. The Lamastus family has been harvesting beans from this regions for over 100 years, with a level of care and devotion that you can taste in the coffee. We work directly with the Lamastus Family Estates to bring this incredible coffee to your cup. 

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