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Jaguar Coffee



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REGION : Alto La Paz
ROAST : Light to Medium
ALTITUDE : 1500 meters
PROCESS : Anaerobic Slow Dry (ASD)
FLAVOR PROFILE : Fruity, floral notes. chocolate, juicy body, medium acidity, clean finish


In the mountains southwest of Bogota amidst lush green vegetation and dotted with plantain trees, lies 44 hectares of coffee. The Finca La Suiza plantation has been family owned for over 25 years, led by owner, Hector Arcadio Zuñiga and his family. The farm is a story of passion and dedication to the land and the coffee.


The Geisha (Gesha) coffee plant is originally from the Gori Gesha forest in southwestern Ethiopia. It is one of the finest and most sought after beans in the world. The bean was originally discovered in 1930 and brought to Costa Rica shortly thereafter. The growing conditions, including the volcanic soil, minerals from the oceans, and companion planting, made Latin America particularly suited to grow the famed Geisha bean. 

Our Colombia Geisha is further refined by meticulous fermentation using the anaerobic slow dry (ASD) fermentation process. The ripe coffee cherries are fermented in a limited-oxygen (anaerobic) condition for up to 72 hours before they are slowly dried on outside on drying beds. This highlights the gentle sweetness of the bean and brings forward fruit and floral flavours.  This is coffee royalty. 

Q Graded 88+


The Alto La Paz coffee region of Colombia is the heart of Colombian coffee. Located within the "Coffee Triangle", Alto La Paz is generally home to smaller family-owned farms. The Finca La Suiza is located at approximately 1,500 meters, high the lush rainforest within the Colombian Andes. 

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