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Clásico range - Guatemala
HARVEST : October - February
ROAST : Light
ALTITUDE : 1370-1830 meters
PROCESS : Fully washed and sun dried
FLAVOR PROFILE : Cherry, molasses, floral with a tea-like quality


340 g.$14.86

Life is busy. And sometimes you simply need that jumpstart in the morning before you do anything else. Whether you’re getting ready for that morning work presentation, nursing a pounding head from dancing the night away or chasing the kids trying to get them ready for school, the Guatemalan roast is for you.

These sun-dried beans are grown in fertile volcanic soil providing a mild acidity making them perfect for that first cup of coffee in the morning, which we all know is usually on an empty stomach. A light roast boasts high levels of caffeine, the Guatemalan bean finishes clean and crisp on your tongue making you feel invigorated and ready for the day.

Grown in San Marcos, Guatemala, the beans are sourced from a small farming community located more than 4,500 feet above sea level. Coffee cultivated at these altitudes matures slowly creating inherent consistency and rich taste attributes.

Clásico range - Colombia
HARVEST : April to June & September to January
ROAST : Medium
ALTITUDE : 1300 – 1650 meters
PROCESS : Fully washed and solar dried
FLAVOR PROFILE : Tangy citrus notes of orange, milk chocolate, with a bright finish


340 g.$14.86

The setting sun envelopes the green rolling hills of Medellin into something from a dream. The evening light reflects off the leaves of the trees as you breathe in the sweet smell of the ripe citrus fruits. No matter where or when you choose to enjoy your cup of coffee, our Colombian roast will transport you to this alluring place.

Fully washed and solar dried, this medium roast boasts flavours such as a smooth caramel, a sweet milky chocolate and is of course finished off with a zap of citrus. Produced by individual family-owned farms, these beans are mainly grown on less than five acres, allowing for meticulous care during the growing, harvesting, and drying process.

The beans come from a small cooperative in the Medellin region comprised of small family-operated farms.

Clásico range - Peru
HARVEST : April to June & September to January
ROAST : Light to Medium
ALTITUDE : 1370– 1800 meters
PROCESS : Fully washed and sun dried
FLAVOR PROFILE : Dark chocolate, toasted hazelnut, prune, with a sweet finish


340 g.$14.86

Lush fields, terraced to allow for optimal growth of bananas, beans and of course coffee, dot the landscape around the San Ignacio area of Peru. The screeches of wildlife echo throughout the valley as local farmers work to grow the most optimal beans possible at this higher elevation.

Filled with rich chocolate flavours, this bean is a light to medium roast. The higher growth elevation also brings out that dark flavour that makes for a special cup in the morning, afternoon, or evening.

Due to the unique growing environment along with an excellent relationship with the small farm cooperative, the phrase “it takes a village” truly describes what makes our Peruvian roast unique.

Clásico range - Casa Blend
HARVEST : October - February
ROAST : Medium to Dark
ALTITUDE : 950 - 1650 meters
PROCESS : Fully washed and sun dried
FLAVOR PROFILE : A richer palette taste, chocolate, raisin, bruleed sugar, caramel

Casa Blend

340 g.$14.86

Let’s get right to the point. This blend packs a punch and is filled with bright flavour. A mix of Brazilian and Colombian beans, this roast is filled with dynamic flavours for the keen palette.

Our Colombian beans from the Medellin region provide punches of citrus notes and the Brazilian beans from Sul De Minas region provide warm, sweet flavors.

This is our darkest roast, a blend to delight the senses and honor the rich heritage of both coffee growing regions.